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Search Inside Feature

I suggest signing up for the free “Search Inside” Feature with Amazon. You just have to contact them and then follow their directions to send a pdf file of your book. They were very prompt activating "search inside". I know that many people want to check out the first chapter before buying. Send pdf files instead of a physical book to be scanned -- it takes less time to activate it. The dust jacket needs to be a jpeg, and the text needs to be one pdf file. Both files need to be named with the ISBN number and zipped together into a single zip file.

All I did was click on the link beneath my book image (it is addressed to publishers, but that's okay). I gave my name, the title, the ISBN and told them I owned all the rights to the book and wanted to sign up. Within a day or so, they sent me instructions. You can send 2 copies of your book to them, or you can send a pdf file. If you want to send a file, you have to let them know, so they set up an account.

 – Diane Salerni



Create some Listmania Lists on Amazon. Include lots of books on your topic.  Maybe someone will view your list and buy somebody else's book. But when I did it, my goal was to get my book seen in a group with other books on that topic. I figured that being included on Listmania increased its visibility.  If I get one sale out a 100 views of that List, it was good money value, 'cause it was free advertising.

– Diane Salerni