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Friends Helping Friends With Books  
Board Members and Contacts    
2007 IAG Board   Blog or Website
Jack Shakley (Chair)- Ranch Mirage, California    
Nan Hawthorn (Executive Director) - Bothel, Washington   Blue Lady Tavern
Celia Hayes - San Antonio, Texas   The Daily Brief
Michael S. Katz - Ardsley, Pennsylvania    
Stuart W. Mirsky - Belle Harbor, New York    
Dianne K. Salerni - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania   High Spirits
Barry Yelton - Mooresboro, North Carolina  

Authors Den

Scarecrows & Scots


Contacting IAG

At present, the best way to contact any of us is through the discussion group, here . Specific ways and means of reaching our goals - and even the goals themselves - are being refined through discussion.

This is an organization of equals, pooling our various experiences, skills and contacts. Should it seem somewhat like trying to herd cats... well, it is.

Welcome to the wholly erratic and yet strangely effective internet-fueled organization of the 21st century!