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Editing - A Neccessity, Like Underwear

Advice on editing

I have only published one book so far... As near as I can tell, you get what you pay for -- but since I believe traditional publishing houses use multiple editors, it's a challenge to equal their accuracy. I went with iUniverse's best package, which included an editorial review. It was a very thorough review and it made several suggestions for revision which would improve the marketability and also the literary value of the book. It also suggested a professional copy-editing, which of course was at extra cost. I did pay for this, and they did a good job. But it certainly wasn't perfect. In spite of the cost and the amount of time it took, I still found errors on my own. I don't know if this speaks to the quality of their editors, but I think it is more likely that it just takes more than one editor to do the job. However, I did fix the remaining errors that I found, and I believe the published version has very few mistakes. However, this was very costly.– Diane Salerni

Buying editing package

I thought the professional copy-editing was important enough to pay a lot of money.. With the copy-editing, I was in line for Publisher's Choice at iUniverse, and potentially Star Book -- awards which could get me noticed. Without the copy-editing, I was out of the running for those honors. I would be completely on my own and probably didn't stand a chance.– Diane Salerni

Recommended Editor

I found an editor, Susan Bono of Petaluma, California through a series of serendipitous events. She was great... gave me a lot of good ideas to improve my story.  You can find her through her website.

- Dan Maloney


For more about the editing once Master of Verona made its way into the hallowed halls of St. Martin’s Press, peruse my blog.   There are a couple of posts that are just the e-mail back-and-forths between my editors and myself. And their names are there as well. I believe those posts are entitled "Editorial Dialogue". - David Blixt

Editing Services

I have 40 years experience as an editor, and I work cheap. I happen to know, as the author of 17 subsidy published POD novels.  If interested you can either email me at or check my website.

Janet Elaine Smith

Recommended Editor

I had great results with Paula Silici. She was fast, accurate, and very encouraging. She can be reached by email or her website.

–William B. Copeland