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Library Thing or Shelfari

Consider joining Library Thing or Shelfari, which are library cataloguing and sharing sites. Since they are free, I joined both. I created a "library shelf" which contains some of my favorite books -- including some of yours! People look at other people's collection and get ideas for what to read. It's just one more place where somebody might see your book and get interested. I have already bought 2 books I spotted in somebody's library.  For Library Thing, I copied all my Amazon reviews and pasted them in. It's on my To Do List for Shelfari.- Diane Salerni


Library Thing

Here's the link to another library website. It requires joining ning, but there's a join link at the top. I've joined a few networks on ning having to do with writers or blogging. If you join, let me know so I can invite you to some of the appropriate ning networks I'm already on. If you're already on ning, invite me to your networks.

What does this do? It gets your book put on a public list where someone might possibly browse to it and be interested. The more lists your book is on, the higher up it floats in relevancy searches.– Marva Dasef

Donate a copy to the library

I donated a copy to the most local library and then sent a cover letter and sell-sheet to the other libraries in the county. I did this not only for my home county in PA, but also in the New York county where the story (and spiritualism) begins. I could really only afford to donate a single copy to each county. Hopefully that one copy will act as a seed, and if the other librarians see it in their county system, they might be inclined to buy a copy for their own branch. – Dianne Salerni

Donated Copy

I donated one copy (Broken Bonds) originally and from that the local libraries bought three more copies and one copy of the second part of the trilogy. I have since donated the other three books to my local library. The trick is you now get your friends to go to different local libraries and put in a request for the same book. As many friends as have library tickets if possible. You now have a situation where one book is proving popular in different locations but the library system only has one copy!  They have to buy more copies - they have no choice! It pays to donate - they're grateful believe me - but altruism only goes so far remember! So they have requests piling up for your books, the library you donated them to is hanging on to them like gold dust and refusing to lend their copies to other libraries! Result: they buy more copies of your book.

– F. J. Warren


The best way I have found to get books into libraries is if you know somebody in that area, have them request that the library buy a copy of it.– Janet Elaine Smith