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We may not know where we are -

but we're making great time!


Our Mission - Changing the Paradigm

The founding members of this guild are all writers - some of us have written one or two books and took time to do that from our day jobs - and some of us are established professionals with a dozen or more to our credit. What we all have in common, besides a love for telling stories, is our conviction that the publishing world's current way of doing things does not serve us well

We have two main goals:

One is to assist each other in writing the very best books that we possibly can. We do this by offering peer reviews, critiques, editing service and general advice and assistance among our members. Many of us have specialized skills and experience. The essence of this is distilled here, and in our discussion group.

Our second goal is to increase awareness among those who buy and read books - whether they are readers, retail bookstores, or in the media - of the rich treasures that are available, outside the mainstream publishing channels. As traditional publishers become more risk-adverse and more focused on the next-sure-fire-million-selling-blockbuster which looks exactly like the current sure-fire-million-selling-blockbuster, truly original and creative storytelling may be more likely to be found among small regional presses, and from independent writers like our members.

we do this through our newsletter, available here, for our members to download, print and distribute at any venue - book signing, fair or other event they attend - and through this web site, especially through our member listing.

Other projects and goals will be taken on, as they are called for. The world changes... and clever people work with those changes.